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Newbie - parts on worldwide backorder?

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Hi All,

I'm new to this Forum and I was hoping someone could help me. I have a 2018 GLC350e that I love BUT I got rear-ended in a 5 car accident on the freeway on 3/1 and my car is still not able to be repaired due to a backordered parts issue. The part is the load compartment well (Part # A 253 610 79 01). The repair place is telling me it's on backorder from Germany.

I also emailed MBOriginalParts and got this response, "Thank you for your inquiry. Part number 253-610-79-01 is currently on worldwide backorder in Germany, with no ETA currently published at this time. In situations such as these, I just recommend to re-inquire every thirty days in the event an update has been published." I emailed MBPartsCenter, too, and got this reply, "Right now that part is on back order, and there is no ETA. It could take as little as 2 weeks, and as long as 8 - 10.” And, per my repair guy, my car will take 4-6 weeks to fix AFTER they get this part.

My problem is that my insurance only had 30 days of rental car coverage and the person who caused the 5-car chain reaction accident has crappy insurance and is not paying for rental cars for anyone. However, my rental is costing me about $900 month for a car that isn't even close to being comparable (Nissan Rogue). Having to pay that plus my lease payment is killing me every month so I'd really rather not have to continue to do that for the several months (or however long it is going to take for the part to become available again).

Does anyone have any knowledge or suggestions as to when this part might be available? Or a resource to find this part used? Or is anyone having a similar problem?

Thanks, all.
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