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New here, allbeit not to Mercedes, been in BMW’s for a number of years, so I’ve joined the dark/bright side
I have a GLC 250 Amg line in designo white coming next week

An intro with a question
I did not spec the towbar option, though wish I did, is it possible to install aftermarket ?
Is there a keyless swipe sensor on the rear bumper that may prevent this ?

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Welcome to the forum, sure somebody will be able to give you a more specific answer but I believe if the towbar is electric then the foot opening of tailgate is disabled.
Enjoy your car when it arrives.
Tow Bar

Hi and welcome,

I have also investigated an after market Tow bar, and yes they can be fitted, not cheap appox £650 upwards depending which type. Please go with someone who has experience of the kick sensor though.
I had a search around on this and I think some people claim to have fitted a tow bar whilst retaining the contactless boot opening. From memory it involved repositioning a sensor strip, but didn’t seem that straightforward from memory.
Many thanks for the welcome

Looks like I may have my work cut out, where there’s a will, there’s a way!
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if it's a factory electric towbar like mine then the sensor works, mine has never failed to operate over 15 months of ownership whether the ball is extended or folde away.

Before I bought the car I did a fair amount of research on aftermarket bars in case I couldn't find one already fitted and the general opinion including that of 2 trusted installers was that it would likely be disabled.

On a caravan site a couple of weeks ago I talked to a guy parked next to me with an identical car except that his had been fitted a bar by indespension, cant's remember if he said it was a Dixon & Bate or a Witter bar but they had repositioned the sensor and it worked perfectly so maybe they've overcome the issue. His was the detachable type not fold out like mine.

Shame you didn't get the factory bar, it's excellent.
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Ha, it looks like that’s where I’ve failed.... not enough research!
Previously I’ve fitted my own towbars (fitted several to Bmws) allbeit none have required coding if using the OEM harness, combined with none of the cars being new, so a bit more daunting.
I’ve found a local company, quoting £558 all in, I’ll discuss the kick sensor and make sure all is good prior to agreeing install

My requirement is purely for cycle carriers, I’ve went and got the roof bars & carriers, however, having second thoughts as I’ve always used a towbar carrier, at least that way you only lose your bikes and drive off in the distance with a whistle! When things fall off!

9 days until delivery............
I wouldn't have had mine fitted on previous cars if they hadn't been coded, I've had aftermarket bars on my last 2 Audis and 2 BMWs and without the coding you can have annoying warning lights and especially rear parking sensor issues.
I'm not sure but believe that the laws on towbars have been significantly tightened up as well and that it includes fitting by acredited installers but I stand to be corrected on that. My concern would be in the event of an accident or maybe the bikes / trailer detaching and causing damage it might be an excuse for the insurance company to refuse a claim.

On my last 2 Audis I was quoted well over £1000 for towbar and fitting by the dealer, did some research and found they used Westfalia as OEM even at the factory, found a specialist company 30 miles away who fitted the bars in my driveway fully coded for around £600 so your price doesn't look bad.

Hope you enjoy the car, I'm generally very happy with mine.
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Well it’s arrived on 21miles and currently on circa 79miles

Overall happy & content!
Being the petrol engine, the drive is sublime coming from a long string of diesels, though the gearbox does seem to misbehave on the overrun when slowing down, almost jerky, I’m assuming things are still tight and adaption need tweaking as the car runs in.
Relatively spritely to speed I expected sluggish due to engine choice but certainly seems willing and eager,
Suspension is received as much more compliant

A quick of question
The car has 360degree camera, is there a way to default the screen onto full screen rear camera when reverse is selected ?
It defaults to split screen, I’ve played through the menus briefly....

Towbar issue is resolved thankfully, though currently have bikes on roof for Easter weekend.
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Enjoy the new car! Let me know how you get on with the mpg, I'm going for the same engine and guessing it will be 20-30mpg for mixed driving.
Enjoy the new car! Let me know how you get on with the mpg, I'm going for the same engine and guessing it will be 20-30mpg for mixed driving.
Early days, mainly town driving and it’s showing circa 29mpg, I’ll stretch the legs over the weekend & reckon I’ll average +34mpg, though clearly a sign of being too forgiving and civilised and not having enough righfoot fun!

Ouch just read you’ve a twelve weeks wait....
Nice, looks really smart. How easy is it getting the bikes on and off from the roof? Only ever dumped them in the back before for previous cars. MPG seems pretty good so early on, I'll be pleasantly surprised if I get anywhere near that :)
I made an honest attempt with putting the bikes on roof, so much so that I’ve committed to an aftermarket towbar!
I foolishly bought Thule 591 and run a 27.5 Plus bike with 2.8” tyres, right on the edge of suitability of the model 591, ultimately I should of opted for the Thule 598, as that would offer the bigger foot plates, nevertheless, I already have the roof box so needed the roofbars & towbar mounted carrier, so shall sell on the Thule 591 cycle carriers
In that regards, bikes are a bit of a pig to fit to roof, similar to all other SUV’s, it’s wise to carry a set of small steps if doing, so much easier using a towbar mounted carrier...

Not long since returned from emptying my first tankfull and computer suggests 35.7mpg and circa 480miles to the tank of mixed driving mainly out of town!
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After market Towbar sourced and fitted
After market Mud flaps sourced and fitted
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