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I had CrossClimates on a Saab 9-5 Estate in size 225/45 17 XL, performance was great but at around 25k miles, with over 5mm tread remaining, the rears became very noisy, especially when the car was loaded. It sounded like the rear wheel bearings were just about to collapse.

Has anyone had any experience with CrossClimates on a GLC and if so did you experience any noise problems due to the tyres ‘blocking’?

I have 20” AMG wheels on my GLC, currently running on Vredestein Quadrac 5 tyres which seem to be quite good but will need replacing in a few months. If it hadn’t been for the noise the Michelin’s would certainly have lasted far longer than any other tyre I have experienced so they have to be in the mix for consideration but only if I can get some confidence that I won’t get the same problem again.

Steering knuckles have been done by the way.
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