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So Red Ken was parked up for the night and all was well. The next morning he fires up fine but decides to add the engine warning light to the items being permanently displayed on the dash. I pushed the Spanner button up near the rear view mirror, telematics were duly extracted and transferred to mission control and eventually an operator greeted me by name. I had visions of boffins with handlebar moustaches back in Stuttgart meticulously diagnosing the fault. Years of bleeding edge automotive technical innovation was then pooled to inform me I should go and ask my Dealer why the light was on.

I duly set off but in my paranoia I was convinced I could hear metal components grinding themselves into oblivion and was now within nanoseconds of grenading the engine. But 40 miles later we arrived with the engine still intact. It turns out one of the 3 nitrogen oxide sensors installed in the Greta Thunberg side of thing had failed. Nothing was actually wrong but a sensor that monitors when something has gone wrong with the Exhaust Gas Recovery system had itself packed up. Realising replacement would attract a fairly substantial labour charge due accessibility, I resigned myself to a bill well into three figures.

And then I had the lightbulb moment. Mercedes had been caught out with their "pseudo-woke" emissions defeat software and last April Ken had been recalled to have it removed in an update referred to as SRPC1838. A certificate had been issued which warranted the EGR system against fault for a further 2 years. So in the end my engine warning light was extinguished for my favourite price - FREE :D

I would advise anybody with a car older than 3 years and seeing a warning light to lead with a claim against the EGR warranty. Diagnosis may may show it is an unrelated fault but it has to be worth a punt. Here's the recall notice:

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