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Afraid you are out of luck with a C43 - different steering geometry and NO FIX 😖

I would suggest Lower tyre pressure - it’s the Stiffness of the tread that exaggerates the Crabbing & Skipping

Here if the UK MB recommend All Season - Winter tyres that are softer compounds and more flexible, Masking - Hiding the fault

These tyres plus replacement knuckles - Long struts behind each front wheel - significantly reduce the Crabbing & Skipping. But it’s still evident and increases as the tyres wear and become less flexible

Our 250d has replacement knuckles but still Shreds the inner edges of the All Season tyres

Over 7 years since MB launched the GLC here in the UK, and shocking that they still sell Faulty C43 AMG with NO FIX. They get away with this because the AMG C43 is the Sport version and other cars such as Porsche suffer from this behaviour. MB had to offer a Fix for non-AMG - Family SUV versions

Lovely car in the summer 😎

Good luck and please let us know how you get on with MB Australia
Sorry you must of mis read my last comment, I have a GLC 43.

But I will keep you all posted with how I go with MB Aus.

Its such a let down, Should of went the BMW X4-X3 :)
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