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Paint protection

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Hi i have a new GLC250D being delivered and they have offered paint protection along with the inside of the car done as well also free window tinting for $1,998
Does any one know of some body how can do a good job in Sydney or Central coast
Is this a good deal
The dealer wants to do it before delivery
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No, no and thrice no. Essentially it is their high margin upsell so unless maximum convenience is your prime concern, avoid it like the plague. @Teckno from Melbourne had a "new car paint protection" done by an accredited professional detailer and the results were simply stunning! I would go even further and get the dealer to transfer or have the car collected straight off the transporter still in its transport wax and plastic panel protection to your detailer prior to your official collection. This is a service arranged by many dealers of high end marques here in the UK. Under no circumstance should you allow the apprentice workshop monkey anywhere near your virgin paint if you value the quality of the finish.
MyMerc, Congratulations for you new car. Thanks too toToobad for positive comments.
I’ll try and get you David’s new number in Melbourne, his circle of friends in the industry I am guessing he has a contact up your way.
As Toobad said, get the free tint, ask for a cut off from roll installed together with name and batch details so you can match later if something happens. With off cut you stand a chance.
We have had glass, outside, duco, interior carpet, trim and seats treated as well as tyres and rims. Rim treatment is essential, soo much easier to keep brake dust off, no marking or acid etching.
You will never go through a car wash again and you will learn to wash in a very particular way, once you stick with it, it is very fast and no swirls.
Never use the free coffee wash where 20 individuals swarm over your car to clean, wash and dry.
In an emergency, use self wash high pressure hose depots, just select high rinse, $3 later 90% crud and bird dropping gone, freeway at 80 to 100kph drys it quickly.
Never allow dealer on servicing to wash or dry your car, vacumn is ok.
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Teckno said "Never allow dealer on servicing to wash or dry your car, vacumn is ok."

If that didn't happen mine would never gets washed and still the paint looks as new.
Thanks for the advice im so excited about the new car but the days are dragging on just waiting for the call
I never use the car wash always wash my BMW by hand and this wont change but i do call into the car wash to vacuum it out
I will get paint protection just not with the dealer sound like it is well worth it
I would appreciate it if some one had recommendation on who i should use it would be great
I use autoglym products they seem to be ok keeps the car looking good
Here is my Melbourne contact. Very happy with him, he should know of someone in your area.
David Maher
Operations Manager
Namikon automotive detailing
20/61 wattle road
Maidstone 3012
0433 011 241
(03) 9972 8772

Namikon Automotive Detailing, also has a Facebook site I believe.

Previous work seen at Auto Alchemy, Airport West and Facebook too.

If David cannot help call Wax It Car Care in Tullamarine, 03 93302177, they sell all trade stuff and have dealers all over the country

David has treated our 4 cars and some family friends as well.

Good luck
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Thanks Teckno i will see if they can help
Applied correctly, a high-quality paint protection product adds a very long-lasting protective “shell” to your car’s paintwork that repels dust, lessens grime, makes washing easier, doubly effective, and completely eliminates the need for polishing. Therefore, if the right product is applied correctly, paint protection really works. I believe it's best to arrange car paint protection by yourself, as you can have paint protection applied professionally by a properly trained technician who specializes in nothing but car paint protection, just like I did when I needed to paint my house and I called guys from Painters Dublin I Painting & Decorating Contractors Dublin to help me out with this, and they did a great job.
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