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Panaromic sinroof with roof rack- issues?

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Hi All- with the panaromic sunroof option does the GLC roof rack cross beams fit? If I add my Thule roof box to the roof rack is the operation of the sunroof possible. Is the operation of the panaromic sunroof possible with just the cross beams and no box? I am regretting adding the panoromic sun roof as did not know it may impact addition of roof cross beams and a roof box- any suggestions on how to make a roof rack cross beams or roof box work appreciated. Is the MB roof rack cross beams good or is a Thule set suggested. New to this so any advice appreciated if someone has worked through this same issue. Thanks
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from what i have heard is that if you add the roof rack on the GLC, the sunroof will no longer open due to the rails being such a low profile now.
Hi Nivue

The merc oem bars wil not let you open the sunroof they have rubber blocks to stop it opening I went down this route but M/B could not
Say that the Thule products will fit into the T track.

Went for the Thule bars the sunroof works fine used my existing bars 1200mm and used the existing 753 locking covers Had to by a fitting pack 4068

All works fine roof box, cycle carriers, kayak carriers.

A tip, if you use the cycle carrier use a bungee trough the front wheel onto the bike frame it keeps the wheels inline makes it a lot easier to lift on and off

Hope this helps.
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I think that more than helps, that solves the whole issue! Thanks Alfie ! Glad to know there's a way to get full function of racks and still be able to use the sunroof fully.
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