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Parking sensor / Parktronic malfunction after a rainstorm

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Hello everyone. A bit perplexed - we had a heavy rainstorm here in Malta and I realised that the parking sensors/ parktronic system has stopped working. The LED on the parking system button on the console next to the trackpad is permanently on, and if I try to unset it two red blocks on either side of the parking display at the top of the dash are displayed with an audible noise and the red LED on the parking system button returns.

I tried resetting the Audio 20 system and it didn’t fix it.

Anyone else experienced this and has a fix?

Mine is a 16 reg 250d 4 Matic AMG Line.

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Previous experience tells me one of your parking sensors has probably failed but for proper diagnosis you'll have to get the dealer to put it on Star

Good luck
Thanks - surprisingly, now that the rain has stopped I have realised that from a ‘cold’ start, the parking sensors remain with the problem - but after I drive off, they start working again! And it’s not just the sensors - it’s a problem with the whole parking system including parking assist.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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