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I bought a new GLC 2018 with 18-Inch 5-Spoke Wheels Scorpion Verde all season run flat 235/60/R18 (see attached picture).
I'd like a spare tire kit including the tools, but I don't know which parts numbers and where to buy from. I would appreciate links and/or part numbers.
Also I consider buying a real tire and attaching it on a roof rack or in the trunk if there is enough space left.
For people who says run flats are good consider my use cases: I drive long range mostly on holidays when repair shops are closed. For example a GLC300 owner posted about his experience: he had a flat tire on Friday evening had to wait in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina for 2 days until Monday to get his tire repaired. Also I often drive 150miles+ to other cities to catch an international flight and I need to be there on time. On few occasions I drove 600miles to Florida and once I did 3000 miles Pacific to Atlantic coast.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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