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Poor DAB on weaker stations

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I complained to my dealer about poor DAB reception particularly on the weaker stations (Norwich Gold around our parts in Suffolk), on my 3 previous cars it wasnt a problem

They loaned me a brand new GLC coupe which was DAB perfect......and reported there were some error codes on the DAB unit and to my pleasant surprise replaced the whole lot, head-end and everything which also benefitted me as I now have 2019 maps :)

Problem is though the poor reception is fine on all the "normal" and stronger stations

I think the car they loaned me did not have the antenna on the front windscreen whereas mine appears to do so....any ideas ? I would be more than happy to add a separate DAB aerial if a) it was possible and b) would cure the problem
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The antenna is a loop in the driver side front screen.
The reception is good most of the time, but frustrated that the TA cuts in very infrequently from other stations. Also very clunky moving from one station to another, with a time lag and a repeat of a few words, bazaar!
you can easily turn off the TA announcements.....
hmmm....never been a fan of aerials built into windscreens....I would fit an external one if it were possible
Mine is exactly the same and having upgraded the sound system I have to say this issue has turned me off this model. Even the FM doesn’t pick up national stations let alone the DAB at times. MB have had the car in twice and have no idea needless to say. They even asked me if I wanted to give the car back! I didn’t get into that conversation as what I want is the radio working as well as my wife’s 6 year old VW golf. Anyway, it’s back in for its knuckle change shortly, so they’re going to have another look at it. It feels as though it just needs another aerial fitted to pick up the signal. Not much on the forums, so guess this isn’t a problem on others GLC’s. Or is it and just being lived with?
Not sure where you live Adam, I have no problem with DAB anywhere except in the Southampton area where it just goes off.
Like I said, we had a brand new GLC coupe whilst ours was in and that worked perfectly everywhere on ALL stations......I don't recall seeing an aerial in the windscreen so maybe it is on the rear screen ???
Either way it was perfect
Same here, I borrowed a coupe and drove in the same areas and the radio worked fine switching from fm to DAB as necessary.
so, we need to KEEP pestering them until it is resolved
Agreed, I’ll keep at it with Basingstoke MB.
I’ve had the same problem in Australia with my GLC43. I am in an area that gets radio reception just fine, and I listen to the most popular station, so I would assume they have the money to broadcast their signal well. I will be listening to the station on DAB, and then very frequently the station will drop back to FM (which is ahead by 5-10 seconds), and then go back to DAB (and hear something I just heard repeated).

Anyway... I have a workaround (not really a solution) for the problem, having tried to get MB to fix it without success. I discovered that I had the band set to automatic (the default setting), so it tries to get whichever band is best (without success). So scouring through the manual, I discovered that you can lock or “fix” the band to FM. Now this obviously doesn’t sound as good, but at least it locks onto the channel, and never jumps to DAB and back again, so it’s less annoying.
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