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Potential new GLC 63 S owner (UK)

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Hi all,

Had been looking to upgrade my 66 plate X5 40d with a 2018 X5M F85 but have had my head turned by the GLC 63S. I have a few questions that hopefully I can find the answers to....

1) When did the GLC 63 have petrol filters fitted? With my 2019 F90 M5 it was any built post Aug 2018, so wondered if there was a way of telling on the GLC63’s? Or do all of them have the filters?

2) How does the performance exhaust differ from the standard sports exhaust? Is there difference in exhaust volume or is it just the latter allows control of the exhaust valves?

3) Is there a documented service schedule for them I can reference when enquiring on cars to check they are meeting service history? Am I right that on the S versions it needs the 1850 mile rear diff oil change and servicing is an A after 12 months (then every 2yrs) and a B after 24 months (then every 2yrs)?

4) I am aware of the crabbing issue reported with these and so was looking for details on specific tyres to overcome this to look out for. It seems that the issue affects run flats and that taking off the p-zero's help? I have seen reports that the Michelin Pilot Sports as well as all season tyres remove the problem? On any oem tyres is it correct to check outer and inner tyre wear on standard tyres?

5) It is likely that any car I buy will have a balance of the MB warranty left, does anyone know what the extension costs like on these? and also are MB open to being contacted to confirm the warranty is still valid on a particular car?

6) Finally has anyone gone from an X5 F series (X5M or one of the diesels) to a GLC? as I would be interested in any feedback, especially around practicality and every day usage. I only do around 6k miles per annum so mpg isn't an issue, but the practicality of the X5 inside space and driving position has been excellent for me as would use it as a family wagon but also a weekend enjoyable blast with the noise.

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