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Powertrain Control Unit Software update

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Has anyone had their GLC Powertrain Control Unit Software updated?

Our GLC is being updated next week under warranty - even though it's out of the warranty period, and wondering what this will actually fix or improve?

The dealer needs the car for 1 hour.

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Mine was done last Thursday Tony while the car was in having the steering knuckles changed. Driving it home I thought the low gearing felt a bit twitchy but it's settled down and seems ok now, tbh I don't notice any differenc than it was before the update.
The Powertrain Control Unit update showed as being an outstanding recall when I took Red Ken in for his annual service and first MOT on 13th June. Initially I felt the transmission had been rendered a bit more laggy from the update but I believe there is an element of self-learning in the Control Unit and a fortnight later it has either adjusted itself or I have become used to it.
Found a post in another forum that pointed to this

"….reset in the Central Powertrain Controller (“CPC”) control unit could occur while driving due to a software error. This could result in various consequences. If the reset occurs during ECO Stop the engine will not restart as intended. In addition, vehicles could coast due to engine stalling. In this case the engine can be restarted while coasting. An engine stall while driving might increase the risk of a crash. An authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer will update the CPC control unit software on the affected vehicles"
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Powertrain Control Unit Software was updated last week with no noticeable difference in the drive.

The dealer needed an hour to do the work - under warranty

All good and nice to have the Dealer looking after us so well - Lookers Worcester / previously Drayton Group :)

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