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Premium & premium plus

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Hi All,

Quick question - what are the main differences in the infotainment system between the premium & premium plus models in the UK spec?

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Hi Rick and welcome to the forum. If you add a rough location to your profile you will get more targeted replies as different markets have different options. Since you are in the UK, COMAND is only available when you drop the extra £3k for the the Premium Plus upgrade. This will also land you the Burmester sound system upgrade which I have to admit is truly superb. Of course you are also getting for the panoramic sunroof, memory seats, Keyless Go, ambient lighting, etc. thrown in too. COMAND comes with a larger and higher resolution screen on which you can watch DVDs. The system also gives you a better satnav experience, voice control, internet hotspot and a 10Gb music register amongst other things. This link may help you ascertain the differences:

Audio 20 vs. COMAND in the C-Class
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I think Toobab has answeredyour question but would add that i think it is worth the extra money for the Premium Plus. And i think it makes the driving experience so much better.

thanks both - i'm just struggling to justify an extra £1300 for the plus - just for the soundsystem and bigger/higher resolution screen. (seems the premium options gives you most of the big ticket items)

i've currently got an SQ5 with the B&O system and Audi Connect (similar to what the plus gives you) and over the past 3 years and can't say i would really miss it.
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