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Premium vs premium plus

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What is the difference between the audio 20 and command online?

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I would save the money on the prem plus and spend it on some of the other extra's.....
Just get the carplay integration option and you're sorted
Premium Plus is well worth the upgrade IMHO
+1 and makes car easier to sell on. As it is a model of the car it is added to book price, adding extras isn't.
Having had both I would say tough choice unless something is really important to you to make the extra expense worthwhile.
I’m not bothered about sound systems but hated the Garmin navigation in the Premium. The navigation is far superior in the P+ so on balance to me it is worth it.
The resale value will also be better on the P+ as Phil AMG states
wouldn't the resale value sort of be in line with the extra you pay for it in the beginning? so sort of a moot point

agree with you on the garmin nav, but if you get the carplay the phone nav is much better and you have various options to choose from (apple maps, google maps, waze etc)
I went the CarPlay route and have no regrets. I did want any of the "driver assist" features
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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