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Prone to Hydroplaning

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I have driven several different cars in my lifetime and am familiar with smaller cars that hydroplane. Even trucks with nothing in the flatbed that the rear wheels easily hydroplane. My last car was a Murano and it never hydroplaned unless it was a serious downpour and I was going fast on the highway. But recently when traveling from Chicago to DC and back - it rained moderately and our GLC was hydroplaning at around 65mph. I was shocked. It did it several times. I am not familiar with Pirelli Run Flat tires - but is this typical expectation? I know the Murano was a heavy car but I still would not expect this. Thoughts?
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An interesting post GLC_Chicago which I'm sure will spark some replies. I have the Hankook's on my GLC and the wife has Yokohama's (both 18" wheels with 235/60's) and being from the North East of England we've had plenty of wet weather experience so far... Both have been planted in the wet and even trying to provoke mine into letting go on corners only gets the traction control to cut in and spoil the fun. On motorways & dual carriageways in a heavy downpour they are very good, only getting 'interesting' in deep puddles, but you would expect that to be fair. In 'normal' wet conditions both cars have been stable & sure footed. Could be the tyres ?

Interestingly I had Pirelli Scorpion Verde's on my previous M class (265/45/20) and they were surprisingly grippy in the wet and remarkably good in standing water, resisting hydroplaning well beyond a point you would expect it to happen. They didn't last very long however.
That's actually very surprising. Whilst I don't have experience with the Pirelli Run Flats, I have however driven my summer beater car around with honestly, near bald Yoko S-Drives (235-45s) and had no issues in heavy rainfall at all. Mind you that's in a really lightweight, rwd car. I can't imagine how the Pirelli would allow the GLC to hydroplane at that low of a speed.
My three previous cars (all Infiniti's) had Bridgestone Potenza summer tires. They were great when it was dry but I hated them when it was wet. Hydroplaned like crazy, could easily do four wheel slides through corners, and on my M56, break the back end loose at 110 Km/h (70MpH) in a straight line if the road was wet enough.

I love the Pirelli Scorpion Summers on my GLC; they grip much better in the wet than the Potenzas did. While I've only had them on for a month-and-a-half so far, it has rained plenty where I am (March was the wettest March on record) and I have yet to have a hyrdroplane.

The only complaint about the Scorpions is the harsh ride. The Potenzas on my Infinitis were a lower profile than the Scorpions on my GLC yet the ride was better. I think it's because the Potenza's were not run flats whereas the Scorpions are.
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