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Puddle lights

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Does the GLC come standard with puddle lights? I saw in the brochure the option for the Merc star variety but couldn't see if a normal lights is still standard or not.
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Not sure if they are standard across all models, are on my 43 prem plus.
They only have a dim white and red light fitted.i purchased and fitted e genuine ones myself purchased from eBay took 2 mins and alot cheaper than from the stealers
I think puddle lights are only fitted when you spring for the Premium or Premium+ packages. These will bring you interior ambient lighting which lets you choose between white, amber and blue colours although amber becomes the only real choice as there are already other things in the car with amber illumination. You get kick plates on the front door sills with illuminated Mercedes logos and downward-pointing LEDs in the wing mirrors. The KEYLESS GO Comfort facility brings you illuminated exterior door handles in addition to touch entry and a gesture tailgate. Anybody with illuminated door handles would do well to verify they are all still working before the end of their 3-year warranty as I've already had 5 replacement LEDs for this 4-door car! Apparently this kind of failure is a common fault.
Thanks guys. Re-read the brochure today and think you're spot on Toobad. It does come with the Ambient lighting but looks like the outside lights are the different package. Oh well, may take a look at the bay fix, don't mind the odd bit of diy on the car. First item will be a dash cam though, hoping the headlining is easy to tuck into.
Have fitted Blackvew 900s 2ch wiring is not visible.
My wife's GLC 220d Urban came with working front door downlights. Both front and back doors are fitted with the clear/red covers but only the front doors have wiring. I fitted inexpensive Merc logo replacements to the front doors from ebay - an easy job and they work quite well. I've kept the originals to refit when we come to change the car.
First item will be a dash cam though, hoping the headlining is easy to tuck into.
I fitted a Nexxtbase 522GW front and rear camera and fitted the wired in kit myself, easy enough to tuck behind the headlining including wire to the rear window, a couple of plastic trim tools help and there was one with the kit.
Not necessarily the cheapest setup but works very well so good value imo. I bought 3 sets at the same time and also fitted to my wifes' Mini Clubman and daughters' Fiesta, no issues with any over the 8 months they've been in use.
I personally had to choose if I want them to be integrated. I didn't cause I don't see how I could get much use off of them, it's not like I'm gonna use the car to go off-roading with it. That I mention offroading, I have a SUV for that and I was in the foest near my farm having fun with a friend and we only started heading home when there was no more natural light. My luck had it that all my lights completly malfunctioned and they didn't make any more contact. I had some of those emergency flashlights that I got as a gift and I never thought that I'd use them, but oh well, they were of great use there.
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