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Purchasing a Cpo...need some help choosing

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Hey everyone. I’m in the market for a 2016 glc 300 and currently stuck between 2 cars. Would love some opinions:

Car 1 is a low mileage grey with 22000km. Equipment is fairly standard. It has premium package, lighting and Amg. It also has piano black trim which I’m not crazy about and not sure if it’s swappable

Car 2 is white with 53000 km. Very equipped with all of the bells and whistles. Premium plus, intelligent drove, heads up display. Open pore wood trim (which I like), 360 camera...however no sport This car is also $3k more

What’s the move here? Buy the lower mileage less equipped or the higher fully loaded?

Thanks In advance
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Keep looking would be my advice.
What adam said as it seems you're not especially happy with either of them. Those minor issues are going to bug you every time you drive the car.
Keep looking around until you find one to your liking.
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