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Quick Jack portable hoist

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Does anyone have one?

Are you happy with it?
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I have had a 3500XL for six months - have lifted the GLC, a 3-series, a 5-series, a Toyo Tacoma with it. Super simple. Set-up takes about five minutes and a bit of running around to get everything aligned to the car's jack points. From there it is 20 seconds to full lift extension. Car is very stable when lifted. Storage is OK; I am storing it on the garage floor with the two lifts stacked, one on the other, and the pump unit on top of that. I will hang them on the wall in near future. I don't have a comparison point and yes, I would love to have higher lift, but the combination of portability, get it out of the way-ness and flexibility is hard to beat. Strongly recommend.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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