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I took the GLC for a gentle trundle along a local track today for it's first off road foray. To be honest it's not a very testing route, but you can't get a normal car through as it's badly rutted (people try and always get stuck...) and you need a fair bit of ground clearance. I set off in 'off road' mode and it rode very smooth over the rutted gravel/mud track. When I got to the deep ruts I moved it into 'rocking assist' which increases ground clearance a further 1" (25mm). I set off over the deep ruts and it just glided over, no bottoming out and no harsh jarring - very impressive. After clearing the worst obstacles I returned it to 'off road' until I got back onto the highway. It's passed it's first test with flying colours. I have a friend who's picking up his first 4x4 soon and he want's some off road driving tips (I learned to drive in a Series 3 Landrover years ago) so I'll up the difficulty factor and report back when it's had a bit more of a workout - so far, so good.
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