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Anybody else had the recall for the "Inerter System lines " and that's not a misprint . They are supposed to stop you catching fire if you have a bump allegedly .
Told me it would take about 30 to 45 minutes but in the event closer to two hours so be prepared .
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Also taking mine in on Monday, supposed to be 30 mins but told to allow 1 hour.
The "Inerter System Lines" is just Mercedes-speak for their Inert Gas Fire Suppression System. The need for one has arisen from the Greta Thunberg side of things and relates to the toxicity of the refrigerant in the air conditioning system. A while back all car manufacturers were forced away from using a particular refrigerant that was truly a global warning nightmare which, when allowed to escape into the atmosphere, could probably reduce the icecaps into a tray of ice cubes in no time at all. Mercedes resisted this move for a very long time but when forced into compliance, they went ahead and developed their own planet-friendly refrigerant which was unfortunately also somewhat inflammable. Should a leak occur, for whatever reason, there was the very real chance of barbecuing the occupants of the car. Hence the need for a reliable additional automatic fire suppression system and hence the need for a recall.
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