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Replacing OEM Battery with a Local made Battery

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I have a GLC 300 4matic 2016 model. Early last year, my auto start/stop function wasn't working and I was told to replace the main battery. OEM Battery in India costs upwards of Rs 30k. While an Amaron Battery of 80AH costs less than 10k.

I decided to replace the oem one with Amaron and my life became a nightmare. Within 6 months, my battery was dead. The Manufacturer told me there's nothing wrong with the battery, you need to get your car checked. The merc service centre told that your battery being non genuine, we cannot pinpoint the exact cause, but when we replace with a genuine oem battery there's no issue. Effectively, I'm stuck between rock and a hard place.

Have any one of you, especially in India experienced this while changing the battery? I'm unable to figure out what could be so special in a OEM battery which is not provided by the Amaron or exides of the world. The new Amaron battery is still in warranty but the manufacturer is unwilling to change as they claim there's nothing wrong with it. Do I have no other option but to go back to OEM brand battery?
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Can you send the details or specification of the battery that you fitted and has only lasted 6 month and I shall look into this anomaly.
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Hi Monty, the original battery was a 12v 60AH OEM Battery Part no A 001 982 79 08. I replaced it with Amaron 12V 80AH with model no. AAM-FL -580112073
By the way, someone told me that I'd need to make some configuration changes to the ECM module of the car indicating the changed specification of the battery. Does it make any sense?
I checked the battery you installed and it doesn’t look OEM spec. Especially the reformulated paste which is marketing speak for BS.
It looks like this is a wet lead acid sealed battery so isn’t up for the job of looking after your car. You need OE spec or better.
Q. what temperatures is your geographical area where you and your car live?
maybe perfect for Indian cars with low electrical loads


  • Highest cranking power
  • Maintenance free
  • Sealed in silver alloy casing to prevent corrosion
  • 4 year warranty
Designed with reformulated Advanta paste recipe, Amaron Flo batteries are perfect for Indian cars that have to withstand extreme weather conditions. High cranking power ensures starting in any weather conditions. Premium silver alloys (SILVEN X) ensure low-corrosion and makes it durable. Factory charged and has patented BIC vents that enhance safety.
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Thank you for the information. Would you have any examples of oem specs? As per my understanding, I am aware of Voltage, AH, and CCA. I think this battery is in par with the these specs. Is there something else i should also look for? Or am i missing something fundamental?
The main issue is that the amaron battery doesn’t meet the spec of the oe battery that came with the car when new. You ideally need to find a battery which exceeds the specs of the OEM battery to cope with the extreme temperatures in India. I have fitted an Odyssey battery in place of the OE battery from Mercedes, which was not up to the job in my opinion to my GLC and the climate control air con works perfectly even in 30+ Celsius with the engine operating in Start Stop mode in heavy traffic. I have the green start stop light on continuous unless it’s cleaning the dpf. That’s what I would recommend. See installed unit which is the exact same size as OE battery
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