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Ride/suspension on Sport and AMG Line

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I'm in the UK.

I'm considering a GLC, and I had a test drive today in a 250d AMG Line. This turned out to be more comfortable than I had suspected, and I liked it a lot.

I was considering a Sport, for the smaller wheels and Agility Control.

Do people think the Sport is better, or is it too soft?

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I'm in the same position as you, trying to pick the best suspension. I can only advise you try both, when I had an Audi A5 a few years ago I tried both as the Sline was too firm, and the Eclass AMG line I tried was awful on concrete motorway. I don't think sport suspension on an SUV will be as firm as an estate though.
I have a 250d AMG=line on 20" wheels fitted with Vredestein all season tyres and find it comfortable enough in comfort mode, much better than my 3 previous Audis and 2 BMWs

I didn't drive a sport model so can't compare and I believe if you want real comfort you need the air suspension
Welcome to the forum. I test drove a 250 AMG-Line and found it superbly comfortable. However, after years of owning impractical cars, I was looking for comfort with a capital C. I down-specced to a 220d Sport Premium Plus to leave enough money in the budget for Air Body Control and the Offroad Engineering package which dictates the 18" rims. I do get the 'magic carpet' ride I craved, especially with the increased flexibility of the all-season tyres.
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