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Rims for winter tyres

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Dealership is charging an obscene amount of money for winter wheels for my new GLC. (around £4000)
I was hoping to get away with a cheaper option. I found some second hand rims original Mercedes AMG 18 inch with part number A1764010702. Anyone know if I can use them? I guess its also a debacle with tire pressure sensors coming into play?


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I paid 19.500 SEK (2000 EUR:ish) for set of 17" rims with high end studded winter tires.

The rim is a Dezent rim made for Mercedes from OCL Brorsson.

Are winter tyres really necessary on a permanent four wheel drive veh???:confused:
Winter tires definitely are. That's like saying you could run summer tires in the full out winter and awd will save you.
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