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Roof racks for Coupe model

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I'm looking at getting a roof rack to haul my kayak around for my 2020 GLC63s Coupe.

My current understanding is that there are few options:
  • Mercedes OEM roof bars
  • Thule AeroBlade (aftermarket)
  • Yakima (aftermarket)
I'd specifically like a roof rack:
  • where I can open the sunroof (note: this is a Coupe so it has the standard sunroof)
  • that has limited wind noise
  • can be accessorized to haul different things (eg ski carrier, kayak, bike)
What do you recommend?
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I've got plenty of experience with roof bars on a GLC, but not the coupe. I found Thule were damaging my roof rails so switched to OEM. Thule have since changed their footkit design, but it is still short on paddling compared with the OEM version.

The OEM's mount at specific points (not width-adjustable) so if you carry long loads and want a wide span, then Thule aero bars are better. But, on the coupe's curving roof you probably can't have a wide span anyway.

On the down-side for the OEM's, the rubber feet stick to the roof rails, and soon detach themselves. Putting the bars on/off the car becomes a real chore so i just leave mine on all the time. Very little wind noise providing i remove the pads I have on the bars. Much quicker than removing the bars themselves. With OEM, the sunroof will tilt open but not slide.

Probably more accessories available for Tule. You can apparently use Thule bike carriers on OEM bars but an adapter of some sort is required.

If I had to buy again, which would i go for - I honestly don't know, both work but neither is perfect.
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Thanks so much, this is super helpful!

I'm curious if anyone else out there has experience with bars on the coupe.
It's been awhile and I'm interested to see if you found any good solutions for roof racks?

I have a 2020 GLC63S also and find it almost useless to try and carry or haul anything. Still haven't found a hitch to use my bike rack, but would like to use it carry my paddle board with my Thule paddleboard carrier.
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