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Runflat Pirelli SCORPION VERDE?

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I was looking in the boot (trunk) earlier today and obviously there's no spare wheel, jack, or any other tools. "That's OK" I thought, "I have Mercedes Assist to help". Not a big problem, my last two cars have been new Audi's and I've had to call Audi Assist a couple of times - once because I had a puncture and although I had a spare wheel, I couldn't get the sodding wheel off. Common problem apparently, Audi turned up with a large rubber mallet, one swift whack later the wheel was off.

So, with the GLC, as I have no spare, I'm assuming I have "runflats" but how to I tell?

Pirelli SCORPION VERDE 255/45R20 101W. On Pirelli's website the tyre is listed twice, once as runflat and once as not.

Does anyone know how I'd tell if they are runflats? It doesn't appear obvious from looking at the tyre wall...
(It's a new GLC with summer tyres)

Thanks as always.
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Looking into your boot and with the floor in the raised position, you should see a compartment set into the left-hand wheel well. If you can see an air compressor and a bottle of tyre jollop stashed in there then you have non-runflat tyres. If there is nothing in there then it is highly likely you have runflat tyres fitted. You mention the tyre size as 255. Is this the same on all 4 wheels or just the rears like on the 43 model? I only ask since runflat tyres are often fitted to slightly wide wheels with a different cross-sectional profile which allows for the much stiffer sidewall of a runflat tyre. The Pirelli system is referred to as SSRF meaning Self-Supporting Run Flat so if you don't have an air compressor, tyre jollop and have 255 tyres at all 4 corners then I'd also expect to see SSRF moulded into your tyres somewhere. All conjecture on my part as I have 235R18 Michelin Latitude All-Seasons on Red Ken.
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Thanks for the reply Toobad...

I did look in the boot yesterday (I heard cries of "weirdo" from my Wife whilst I was doing this) I didn't think it at all weird, I hadn't her much in daylight due to working - the car that is, not the wife....

Nope couldn't see any jollop or compressor...

Oh yes of course, I fell foul of the different sized tyres before when I had a CLK. I ordered 2 rear tyres, I got the size from the front ones. When the guy turned up to fit them I realised the back were bigger!

I'll check the tyre sizes at the rear for my peace of mind and look for anything like SSRF, or similar.

I could of course ask the dealer, but almost every question I ask, they don't have an answer..

Thanks again...
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All UK versions come with run flat unless it’s all season tires. Which now Vredestein
If runflat should probably say Run Flat or RFT or MOExtended somewhere on the tire sidewall.
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