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Seat motor bracket broken

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I got my GLC in 2016, sometime early 2017 the seat wouldn't move backwards or forwards. Turns out that the bracket that holds the motor broke. I did an engineering degree (not used since) but this unprotected part is made of plastic. I've just had an experienced (non MB) mechanic look at it and he said "That's unbelievable they've made this out of plastic, pathetic, never seen anything like it. This is a family car, they should make parts like this robust" I stated similar to MB in 2017 but they refused to replace, anyone else had a similar problem? It could have been kicked but I haven't got builders in steel toecaps riding in the back, only my slightly build, calm early teenage daughters. If one of them did kick it and it broke, it shouldn't have.

The part is £1000 plus labour of £600. I feel very annoyed
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I bought the GLC 220d about 6 months ago. I took my family for a vocation and we drove. My 2 kids in the back with my wife by side and me driving. When i came back my driving seat would not move forward or back and when I checked why found out that the electric motor that moves the seat is placed on a cheap platic and it broke in half and when I checked the passenger side found that it was also broken. I called my dealer and they quoted $1500 for each side. This is really shameful for a company like Mercades. They built there cars to last and it’s a off read version. My daughter is 16 and my son is 18 and i’m sure they didn’t deliberately kicked something or push there feet too hard. The plastic is so cheap.
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