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Selenite Grey GLC 63s AMG on order

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As some of you may know I ordered a GLC63 back in December with, as it turns out, an overly optimistic build date of March. Well mid Feb the dealer, after much harassing by me, admitted they didn't have an actual build date at all and that I shouldn't hold my breath.

Being somewhat peeved I sacked off that dealer and took some time to re-evaluated what I actually wanted from a car............... and it turns out the the answer was more power >:)

So back to Carwow and off to a new dealer to order myself a nice shiny new GLC63s AMG, this time one that also has a confirmed build allocation at the factory with a UK delivery date of June 1D :frown2: but at least I know this one has an actual build date.

So that's me hanging around for another 3 months........But I'm getting a 63s :grin2::grin2::grin2:

For those that are interested here's the spec:
Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 4MATIC
  • Selenite Grey metallic
  • Premium Package
  • Driving assistance package
  • AMG Night package
  • 21-inch AMG cross-spoke forged wheels
  • Interior AMG carbon fibre with aluminium
  • Head-up display
  • Parking Pilot with 360° camera
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Very nice Visa, hope it arrives on time.

43 has enough power for me.
I know, for a mid size SUV the power on the 43, 63 and 63s is quite ridiculous
Fun though Visa, yours will be frightening.
That’s some mean HP, what’s bad boy like that go for, I got the exact same specs in my 43
I was jealous before, I'm even more green now!

That is an awesome spec and pretty much exactly what I would have chosen.

I have to say, after the initial delight with the power in my 43, I could do with some more now.
I think that initial rush fades no matter how much power you have, I used to have an Audi RS6 and after a while I found myself wondering if I should get it chipped

But I am so looking forward to getting it and if eventually I get bored with the power then there is always Brabus
I hear you on that one. I had a B7 RS4 and ended up getting that tuned at MRC in Banbury and it still wasn't enough.
Was the B7 the last of the mad revving V8's ?
No the B8 that came after it also had a V8 although it wasn't as good a car :) . The B7 V8 was the same engine used in the R8 when Audi first launched it.

The B7 also had the same steering wheel as a Gallardo which is the closest I've come yet to my dream of owning a Lamborghini!
So I now have the car and here's my first impressions.....

  • The sound on start up, especially in Sport+
  • Its bigger than I though but seems to shrink around you when driving.
  • The engine is awesome, I'm following the recommended break-in instructions but even so it rapid for a 2 ton SUV
  • The one thing that overshadows the engine (at least until it's run in) are the brakes, they are mighty and they completely disguise the weight of the car
  • The handling is good (only tried comfort mode) even with the 21 inch wheels, the rides pretty supple and the road noise isn't too bad.......unless you are on a concrete motorway and then you will want to kill yourself its so noisy
  • Interior is nice, leather (both real and man-made) feels nice and the stitching all lines up, and the performance seats are not as uncomfortable as they look (thank god)
  • Driving assist - Its crazy, I dare anyone not to get behind the wheel of a car that is steering and braking all by itself and not be freaked out by it,
  • 360 camera - Cool, all cars should have this, makes parking a doddle
  • Head Up Display - Good, but then I'm a fan of HUD's, just needs more configurable options, that's something of a recurring problem for most of the electronics in the car, its good but its just not as configurable as the same tech in say a BMW (go into the settings for the surround sound system in a high end BMW and compare with the 3 settings you get with the Burmester in the Merc)

There's more but I'll cover those of when I've spent more time with them

As I bought the car blind, hadn't even seen one in the flesh, I have been lucky that I have not found anything about the car that would have stopped me buying it.

Things I wish I had ordered, well there are 2, the tow bar, I didn't get it because it messes up the look of the rear valance (oh vanity :eek:) but will probably miss it, the other is the performance exhaust, now this I didn't order because I'm 50 years old and not some kid in a Corsa with a dummy dump valve ..........until I got in the car then suddenly I am that kid and I want it to pop and bark and crackle

Now I just need to finish the first 1000 miles so I can up the rev limit (should be done this week:cool:) and a further 800 miles so I can book it in for a diff oil change that will open up the full Race settings including launch control

I'll give an update after the first 1000 have been done, any questions feel free to ask :)

PS... could an Admin remove the "on order" bit from the tread title please, I don't think it will let me do it
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and some pics...


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Hi Visa

Tried to amend title but couldn't, would leave it as is because it was on order at start.

Glad you are enjoying your car, don't worry about the pop, bark and crackle, mine sounds great when lifting off after acceleration yours will be even better.

I love the Selenite, not into cleaning cars and it stays clean.

You are correct about brakes, they are brilliant on the 43, assume yours are even better.

I have had a few BM'S with the Harmon Karmon and think the Burmester is just as good.

Look forward to your next report.
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Wow, just WOW!!! That is total motoring p0rn. As they say, all good things come to he who waits. I too have red brake calipers on my 220d Sport but I had to paint them myself because I really am that sad. I'm told they bring at least another 10-15 bhp to the party. :D That sports exhaust option would have sounded insane. My TVR has very little between the manifolds and tailpipes and when I lived in London I would always plan my routes so I could detour through the Dartford, Limehouse Link and M25 J25/26 tunnels. I hope you have booked the beast in with Daryl at Offset Detailing for some Kamikaze love. I wish you many miles and smiles, I'm totally made up for you, bud.
Tut Tut Toobad, you should know Selenite Sams don't like detailing!.
Of course another alternative to detailing would be a vinyl wrap. The Russian owner of this GLC63S had a full chameleon wrap done.

He also decided the 503bhp stock output was a tad underpowered and had the engine reworked to produce 940bhp!!!

I guess it just goes to prove money can certainly buy performance but not necessarily taste. :surprise:
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That wrap is appalling but at least underneath its still pretty, as for the 940hp, well that's just crazy power, also would hate to think how much that would cost.

At the moment 503 is enough but I have been toying with the idea of having a chat with the nice gentlemen at Brabus to see when the PowerXtra B40S-600 upgrade will be available for the GLC as in theory any performance mod for the C63 should work on the GLC63.

And Daryl is working his Kamikaze magic on it as we speak :grin2:
Hi Visa

Your car is stunning and I couldn't be more jealous if I tried. Saw my first 63 on the road this morning and the look on my face is probably still making it's driver laugh now.
I've just been to an AMG driving experience organised by my local dealer so I got the chance to drive an AMG GT and a GLE 63 coupe and I have to say that that V8 engine is gorgeous and probably a licence loser. Even in comfort mode the GT just lauches itself down the road with just a slight prod of the right foot , no GLC 63s to try unfortunately but I can imagine what it will be like.
Thanks for all the nice comments guys.
@AndrewB in Sport and Sport+ it takes off like a scalded cat, I'm off to the AMG Driving day that's included with the car and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on a GT.

For @Toobad and anyone else that interested here is the YouTube link to Offset Detailing's video of the car

Daryl at Offset completed a single stage machine polish to enhance gloss and prepare the paintwork for two of Kamikaze Collection's coatings. Miyabi as a base layer with certified only ISM Pro on top giving extreme gloss and durability against the elements. ISM Pro was also applied to the exterior trim and piano black sections.

Interior leather protection package was added. All leather was cleaned and protected using Herrenfahrt products.

Wheel and caliper protection was also added. Wheels removed and coated inside and out as well as calipers and hubs with Gtechniq C5.

Exterior glass was coated with multiple coats of Gtechniq Smart Glass.

Engine bay dressed with Aerospace 303
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