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service costs

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My car is due it's first 12 month service soon so an "A" service and MB dealer has quoted me £306 and change for what I believe is basically an oil change. This is £100+ more than my A6 from the main dealer and seems extortionate to me especially when I can get exactly the same using genuine parts for £160 from a local independant German specialist company who I've used in the past for both BMW and Audi.

Are they taking the p*ss? I realise that I'll lose the MB breakdown cover but then I can buy a lot of that with the difference of £146. I've got a decision to make!
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Lons, as far as I am aware as long as MB parts are used and you can prove it then you shouldn't lose the breakdown cover.
Thanks Phil, I'll look into that, I thought I read somewhere that it was a condition that MB dealership was used for servicing but hope I'm wrong.

I know that warranty can't be affected as long as genuine parts and a proper VAT registered garage is used. Prestige German Cars do that and register the service correctly on line where that's the system or stamp the book as in the old days.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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