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Servicing ? to save repeating...?

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G'day All,

I've been offered the service care plan(£31 per month) - i'm thinking(to save £££) just covered 8k miles year 1 to take up offer year 2,3,4 - 3 year but at best service intervals ie b, a, b - please refer me to site discussions or comment - many thanks & appreciate the input in advance :smile2:
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Yup, that's exactly what I decided to do - paid for the first A-service in full then bought the 3-year plan to cover the next B,A and B services. Sounds like there is a promotion on at the moment with that £31 p.m. offer, I signed up at £35 for my 220d Sport as soon as I'd had my 1st service back in June 2017. I vaguely recall I could only take up the 3-year plan provided it was within the first anniversary of the car's registration date. I don't know if that was an MB UK stipulation or just sales leverage applied by my particular Stealer.
I have the 2 year service plan £35, I had the first service in March, 2nd is next March and then car will go before the 3rd service is due in March 2020.
Make sure you don't go over the 12 month period before buying otherwise the price goes up
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Many thanks for all the input/comments! appreciated!:smile2:
Cheers for the heads up on that one Visa!
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