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SiriusXM satellite receiver

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I have a 2020 GLC300 SUV without a satellite receiver. What or which receiver do I need and will the wiring be there? I would assume there would be used receivers out there. Thanks for helping!
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My current leased 2019 GLC300 didn't come with a satellite receiver either, but since we have a Sirius/XM home unit that we pay for, we have access to the Sirius app, which works great with CarPlay! It's actually better as it doesn't rely on satellite reception, which can affect stations when you're in a tunnel, in a parking garage, or under overpasses, etc. Since the pandemic, we've become a "one car family." My wife has the app on her phone and it works great! We don't even think about not having satellite radio at all, as the app does everything we want it to do!
I didn't have the receiver in my 2021 GLC 300, either. Set things up to use Android Auto. Damn, that was annoying: sometimes, the app wouldn't start. Most of the time, all it took was manually poking it on the phone screen, but sometimes I had to force quit the app from Android settings, then open it again. A couple of times, I had to log out and back in.

When they made me a killer deal to trade my 2021 in on a 2022, having SiriusXM was one of the requirements for the new vehicle. I've learned my lesson.
Find out if you can sign up for just the XM/Sirius service with the app, and then use the app when you're in your MB. My wife and I share one car and use this (with CarPlay) and have no issues with it.
That's what I did in my 2021. I used the app when I was in my GLC, and it was a nuisance. When it worked, it was fine, but I had to fiddle with it far too much. When I get in my car, I expect to turn on the radio and have it start playing immediately and keep playing until I turn the car off. The satellite receiver does that. Android Auto didn't.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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