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Size of fuel tank

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Hey folks.
Anyone know the capacity of the fuel tank on a GLC 250D Prem Plus? My manual says 50 or 60L (depending on model) but doesn't really specify. Today I was in the Fuel reserve, but could only fit 40L in when I filled up. Anyone know? Is it 50L or even less? Seems very small.... our last BMW was a 65l tank, seems I'm constantly at the pump now.....
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50ltr optional added extra 60ltr tank.60ltr should be standard
Like Learoy stated its 50l unless you specced the 60l version (shouldn't have the storage under the floor in the boot I think). I have the 50l version and have run it dry almost but could only then fit in 48l and that was totally brimming it so I could see it in the filler neck.

I think the reserve range plays it safe but the only way to see if pushing your luck a bit further each time.
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