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Spare wheel dilemma - front wheel fitment!

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2019 Mercedes Glc, running a square 20” wheel set up
Car is supplied with non run flat Pirelli Scorpions
Always concerned of flat tyre scenario, I opted to get a spare after much research I opted for the 19” as it was suggested, this gave front brake Caliper clearance....
I got this wrong the spare wheel I have fouls the caliper and can’t be mounted, all to aware of the accepted method in the event of flat front is to swap with rear and fit spare to rear
To much faffing!

Would it be acceptable to have a hub spacer to remove the need???

I know I’d have to check and measure for wheel stud length, would a hub centric spacer be a better option ???
Thinking of using the original wheel nuts as opposed to the supplied shorter bolts, should I be looking at 23/30mm spacers - is this too much?
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