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Stealth Hitch

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Does anyone here (from the US or Canada) have one of these hitches on their GLC?:

I'm considering buying one for my 2018 GLC 43 so that I can use a hitch mounted bike rack (I have no plans to do any towing). The manufacturer claims the hitch uses the same vehicle mount points as the factory installed hitches.

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Hi Ryan
I'm in the UK so can't really help but that looks just like a standard detachable ball towbar of which there are several makes in the UK and Europe. I had those on my last 2 Audis ( Westfalia make ) and the towball unit just plugs in and is locked with a key so invisible when not fitted.

All the main towbar manufacturers use the vehicle built in mounting points so there sin't anything special in that claim btw

My GLC has the factory fitted electric retracting towball which is a different type as far as I can see. Mine retains full working hands free boot opening function which is usually lost as far as I know when you fit an aftermaket towbar.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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