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Stolen without keys...

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I know a month or so ago JitP on the forum had their GLC stolen.

Anyone considering a disklok? The sales guy told me if you lock the car by pressing the lock button on the remote twice it turns remote off, so not communicating with the car, hence saving the battery and also I assume preventing this type of activity..

'Relay crime' theft caught on camera - BBC News

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I have started pressing lock button twice which prevents key from being cloned - it works as you can't open the car until you press any button again.

Will prevent what happens in the video.
Thanks for that tip about pressing "lock" twice. I'll check that out.

I have had a StopLok device since I bought my car which I use if I'm concerned. I hate those dinner plate ones though.

I'm also told that keeping key fobs in a metal container cuts the risk of signal being cloned, has anyone heard of that?
You can always buy a Faraday bag to keep your fob in. It just prevents an RF signal from entering or escaping the thus defeating any cloning attempt via radio waves such as WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM signals. You may want to start dropping hints now for this inexpensive stocking filler:

Fob Guard Signal Blocker £9 @ Amazon

Whoa! It looks like Amazon are modifying their links to make them more prominent. Clever, very clever but it doesn't seem to load too well on this site.

Anyway, a somewhat more esoteric solution would be the installation of an anti-cloning immobiliser. This device extends the car's startup sequence by adding a unique PIN number entered via the existing buttons on the steering wheel or dashboard thus defeating cloned keys. It has to be professionally installed so I suggest you don't upset the fitter or you may find you require an additional 4 presses of the remote tailgate release to get your car started. :D :D :D

Mercedes Autowatch Ghost Key Immobiliser @ £400
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I almost ordered a disklok, I've had one previously and although they are very good, I know what I'm like and after a while I'll stop using it. (they're a bit clunky)

I've just ordered a faraday bag, better safe than sorry, I do like the keyless entry feature, so I'd like to use it. I've actually "locked" my spare key, by pressing it twice and testing the car wont open.

I ordered a stoplock as opposed to the disclok as some same it can damage the steering wheel and they look too bulky to be messing with on a daily basis. I ordered 2 faraday pouches (one of main key and one for spare which will be in the safe) - will be turning off the keys too. Got CCTV installed which will do little if they really want the car but it has ring fencing, so as soon as someone walks onto my drive, I get an alert on my phone. Also thinking of getting the Autowatch Ghost which looks like a great little system. Bollards was the last option, but decided against it. Also toying with a wheel clamp for night time but can't find one that is easy to install and fits the wide tyres.

Any other thoughts on security? My new car gets collected next Tuesday! Cannot wait as I have been driving a 1.0 Polo which leaves a lot to the imagination and I forgot what it feels like to put your foot down and have the car actually move!
If you press the lock button twice no need for boxes or Faraday bag as the key doesn't send out a signal that can be used, great feature.
Phil - figured that out after it got taken - so will be doing that and sticking it in the pouch just in case - £10 each - hardly going to break the bank for a just in-case factor.

Heard other manufacturers are putting motion sensors in the keys, so after determined time, the key deactivates - so sitting in the draw after 30 seconds it stops sending signals until you pick up the key again.
Can understand your concerns JitP but unfortunately whatever you do if professional thieves want your car they will get it.

Fingers crossed your new car will be ok and what happened won't take the shine off it.
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