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Suspension modes

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Having now put a few miles on the 43 I went out for a little play this morning, without the driving overseer on board , I thought I would try out the different modes , whilst there is considerable difference engine and gearbox wise I couldn't discerne any real difference suspension wise is this normal? Still great fun doesn't she go !!
Happy holidays
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Although mine is a 350d, not an AMG43, I have ABC. I do notice the difference in sport + mode it's a lot more bumpy, whilst comfort mode is a lot more like being on a boat :)

I probably wouldn't notice on an A road or motorway, but going semi rural (more bumpy, twisty roads) difference in more pronounced...

Whilst sitting waiting for my daughter when picking her up from work I pass the time, whilst parked, with the engine running, moving from comfort to sport + watching the bonnet rise and fall hahaha. I need to get out more, I know...

Not sure if the suspension control is available on the 350D Graham, on the 43 apart from the selection modes of eco to sport +, there is a button alongside the command control where in each mode you can have 3 different settings of suspension in each mode. It is on the opposite side of the command control to the stop/start button.

Haven't played with the settings Andrew, will have a go when I get chance, wouldn't imagine the difference in the 3 settings is that much.
same here.. in general i found it very rough even in Comfort mode in comparing to my 2015 C class with sport suspension. And i have not push it hard enough to tell the different in sport or sport + mode.. plus when i'm in sport mode.. i always making sure the road ahead is very smooth to begin with.. so i'm not sure it is real fair to compare with....
hmmm.. i thought that suspension button just to override the "mode".. for example.. if you're in comfort mode.. you can switch the suspension to sport or vise versa... maybe i'm wrong.. need to try it later...
After raising and lowering the suspension a couple of times it seems a bit more compliant in comfort mode ,but it could be my imagination. Have fun!

LOL.. ok. I will try later...
Hi I drive a 250 with air suspension and it is the worst ride in any mode. I am regretting the day I purchased the beast
Hi Adrian and welcome to the forum. Can you please add a rough location to your profile so we know where in the world you reside. I optioned Air Body Control as well as the Offroad Engineering Package on my 220d Sport shod with 18" rims. The improvement over the conventional steel sprung suspension of the demonstrator was immediately noticeable and in Comfort mode certainly approached that magic carpet ride I was searching for. Large diameter rims will certainly degrade the experience. What were your previous vehicles?
My 43 is on 19 inch wheels and whilst I wouldn't describe the ride as magic carpet it is certainly very good. Everybody who has posted on the air suspension seems to be happy with it, maybe there is something wrong with your car Adrian.
As Toobad says, can you please add your location to your profile, it helps in answering questions.
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