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Apparently it takes forever to order an AMG model, and they want more than MSRP it seems. I located an AMG GLC 43 in another state that is the right color, has the right options, etc. They want MSRP for it. A few questions:

1. Realistically, is MSRP what you can expect to pay for a new AMG model these days?

2. Any problems buying it out of state? There is the shipping issue obviously, and my main concern would be the car arrives with scratches or dings on it and the shipping co blames the dealership, the dealership blames the shipping co. I don't want to get screwed. Are cars shipped often in this regard?

3. The dealer said that because I was paying cash they would eat the sales tax. But aren't they not charging sales tax because I am an out of state buyer? When I get the car am I not going to have to go register it in my state (Houston, Texas) and pay the Texas sales tax when I register it? Any big hassles that I need to worry about from buying a car out of state?

4. It looks like the GLC AMG 63 is no more? What a beast that was! :(

5. Any other tips, tricks or suggestions?

Thanks so much!!!
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