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Thinking of purchasing a 2003 SL 500 r230 looking for some advice

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Hello all,

My neighbor is selling a 2003 SL 500 cheap ($3500). It's his 5th car. he is the 2nd owner and has had it since 2007. Right now it needs new batteries (both) and a new alternator. The top also has some issues (hydraulic fluid leaking somewhere). I'm planning on buying it for my parents as a 40th-anniversary gift. He has a ton of service records with it.

I owned a w210 e55 amg so am familiar with these cars. I also currently own several e46 BMW's so am familiar and tooled to work on German cars.

The Car: 2003 SL500 103k miles needs both batteries and an alternator The top needs work, a micro switch is bad (I know which on) and is leaking fluid.

Heres my question: I have never owned an r230, what are some big common issues with these cars to look out for Day 1 I planned on doing plugs, oil change, brakes, all fluids (diff, tranny brake etc) and putting in a modern android head unit.

Any other advice would be great!
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The biggest issue is the hydraulic suspension. The hydraulic shocks cost around 1,600 at the dealer. There is a front and rear hydraulic pump. Those cost around 3,000. I replaced my front end suspension at the dealer for around 4,000. My 2004 SL500 has about 180,000 miles.
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