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Time Setting

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First world problem I know, but annoying just the same. The time in the COMAND screen shows 17:01 and the time in the instrument cluster shows 8:02. How do I get the current time in the instrument cluster? The COMAND time adjustment is obvious but it doesn't sync with the other. See photo.


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The vehicle had a software problem, the software was reloaded by the dealer and the issue was resolved.
Thanks for sharing.
My GLC performs the same issue. How long was the reloading at the dealer?

I had a similar problem.
only the time was exactly 1 hour fast, that was solved by a coding fix.

At the same time at the dealers I had a "hermes" module fitted as the Telematics were not talking to the internet, the SOS was not functioning in the Multi Display and several other problems. 4 days in all due to "procedure and wrong parts suppied"
Hi all.

Finally my issue was due to a wrong year setting. The dealer set it correctly to 2019 (it was at 1999) and fixed all the problem.

Kind regards from Spain.

My 250d has also reset to 1999. Mercedes suggest dealer visit to get it fixed. Seems an expensive and poor way to sort out a software issue . No wonder Daimler is making significant losses. Too many warranty repairs from customers.
Will wait until I have more problems which I suspect won’t be a long wait.
A £50k car that can’t keep time is a rather poor advert for a Prestige brand
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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