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Towbar options for AMG line

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Hi everyone, I am a retired engineer from North Yorkshire, and looking forward to contributing to the forum. I've decided on the GLC 300d AMG line 2020 facelift as my next car. I've found the used car I wish to purchase and placed a deposit, so was excited to be getting my new car soon.
However, when I searched for a towbar installation, there seem to be a lot of issues, with several manufacturers stating no towbar available for AMG line spec. Can anyone assist me here? I really love the car, but a towbar is essential for my caravan. I would prefer an electrical deployable option, but removable hitch would also be fine. There seems to have been lots of discussion here, but some of the info is old, and a lot is confusing, so I thought a new thread would be appropriate. Any help much appreciated.
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Thanks for post Roadworn, I have just purchased a GLC AMG 43, built March 2020, and need a towbar as I carry a number of push bikes on a carrier that connects to a tow ball that has its own blinkers, number plate etc. So keen to find out if an aftermarket towbar is available. Cheers
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