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Hi all
Do any off you tow with your glc
How does it tow
What setting do you tow in

Thanks alfie
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What are you trying to tow or what would you be towing ?
A caravan and a boat trailer.

Was just wondering as I have orderd the off road pack that has a trailer setting that setting will be ok to tow off road.
But as that is a off road function on the road what do you find the best to tow in Eco, comfort, sport,sport +,

Thanks in advance alfie.
Hi Alfie. I should be able to tell you soon. We just recently ordered our 2017 GLC with the towing package. I will be towing a small RV travel trailer with it. I was under the impression that the official MB tow kits automatically detect a trailer electrical connection and activate a special towing mode. This also includes activating the built in sway control brake program.
Thanks. I know that on towing pack you get extra cooling to the transmission
And a bigger cooling fan to the radiator
Have read that you do not get the same on a after market tow bar

Thanks alfie
Just completed a holiday that involved a total of 3500 km towing a 1800 kg caravan with my 250d.

The vehicle has lots of power and at times I went up to 140 km/h when overtaking trucks.

Most of the time I towed using the standard economy setting. I also used cruise control 90% of the time.

Fuel consumption varied from 7.9 l/100 km on a 700 km stretch with the wind from behind to 10.5 l/100 km on a mountainous stretch of 400 km. Average consumption was 8.8 l/100 km.
Hi all
Does anyone know if the factory fit electric tow bar has a manual override if you are away with the caravan and the electric tow bar doesn't
Engage ?

Thanks in advance
Wish I could help, but mine isn't installed with one. I don't think I've ever heard of a manual override for the electric tow bar. Best to ask the dealership.
I've had an electric towbar fitted to mine but that's all. Does anyone know if that's the tow pack (it's a uk spec) or is the tow pack in addition to the electric tow bar. I didn't get an option to include a full tow pack.
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