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Wife and I were out last evening and we had driven about 20ish miles on the car when we received a TPMS message about correcting tire pressure. Graphic in the drivers information area showed that the two rear tires were @ 32 psi while the front pressures were 32 on one side and 33 on the other. Yellow tire caution was also visible on the speedometer. Finished the drive home and took a picture of the display, pressures had changed to 33 both front and 32 both rear. I normally keep the pressures 33 all the way around and check them with a tire gauge every month. I have looked @ TPMS a few times and the pressures are never the same in all four tires. I assumed that was simply variance in the accuracy of the four sensors.

Is the MB TPMS that sensitive that it will alert with a 1 PSI difference?

Anybody else seen this?
I tried to attach a picture but it always loads inverted, weird.
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