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My new GlC250 D arrives next week i would like to know what brand of tyre should it have on it to avoid the skipping problem
I asked the dealer when i orded it and his reply is that they have over come that but i see it is still around
any advice would be great
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Should have all weather tyres on to combat skipping issue.
Remember it will still skip in the wet, on gravel and on manhole covers.

FYI, my all-seasons are the Vredastein Quatrac 5
Hi MyMerc,
Welcome to the club.

The GLC's in Oz get delivered with a variation of tyres. It's difficult to answer your question, as the factory may have different combinations in the supply chain now as to some in the past, even if same tyre brand/model.

The number of folk that have posted about crabbing issues is relatively small, and each one has different tyres, sizes and from different parts of the country.

From my readings, the factors that can contribute to the Crabbing issue are:
1. Model of vehicle - GLC petrol appears to be less affected than Diesel. (each engine type has different Torque split front to rear), GLC43 appear more susceptible. My Petrol GLC...notice it very minor just after delivery, only at full lock almost don't notice it.
2. Tyre Brand/model - some more representative than others, Very generalised -Pirelli worse, then Continental, Bridstone better.
3. Tyre Size - 18,19,20 ..larger wheel generaly worse.
4. Air pressure in tyre.
5. Ambient Temp
6. Amount of wear on tyres ..sometimes gets worse with wear.
7. Wheel alignment - may vary from factory, some cured after wheel alignment.
8. Even given all above being same, some vehicles still appear worse than others.

Wait till you get the vehicle, drive it and evaluate. If it grates with you badly ...make a big noise to your dealer ...although there was significant push back ...seems that they are now willing to look at alternatives.

The Oz forums at :
....come join us.

..have a lot of local nuts, sorry strike that , enthusiasts.
Poster, Techno has been follow up on tyres a fair bit counter crabbing issue.
A copy of one of his posts here.

Trial shipment of Goodyear Eagle Sport, RFT, ALL Season, M&S, 255/45R20 fitted to GLC last Sept. 90% improvement immediately coming out of winter into Spring. Summer has been good, about to head into Autumn, real test will be Aussie winter and cold wet mornings with U Turns and right turns around roundabouts.
All Season tyres very difficult to source and my guess is those designs that are working will see extreme shortage with Tyre manuf being unable to supply demand. Volume numbers in MB unique sizing will not assist.
Found same Goodyear’s fitted to GLC43 in Hawaii, new on dealer floor....... Hawaii does not get as cold as Oz or UK, but an be very wet, so I guess our US cousins are getting an allocation when built in Germany.
I have done around 8,000km I think and tread wear down from 7mm to 5mm approx; wear bars kick in at 1.5mm. Rotating around 8,000km.
Tread wear rating is 560 I think, Pirelli Scoprion Verde, summer tyres was 400 tread wear; I got around 42000km from them, allowing for tread depth when I had Goodyear’s fitted. Hopefully the Goodyear’s will last more. In USA these have a 50,000 mile g’tee, we do not have such warranty here in Oz.
Hope this helps – All Season tyres seem to be the reasonable workaround. We do not have the Vredestein tyres our UK cousins have to evaluate, they too seem to be getting good reviews.
I may be able to help have some of these (Vredestein) imported as a pallet load, but need to do far greater research before committing and going into partnership with one or two other GLC owners and the Agent.
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Thanks for all the great postings
I guess it is a wait and see and enjoy my new car
Cant wait the excitement so growing as the days get closer
Citizen 613 im also on the coast thanks for putting it into prospective for me
Teckno here. MB in Oz still delivering Summer tyres on new cars. Only in Hawaii did I see the All Season, RFT MOE tyres fitted new to a GLC 43.
Dealer and MB Oz fitted Goodyears to my 250d, very happy with improvement.
Dealer and MB Oz, just fitted same Goodyears to 250d Coupe , 20” rims, that has staggered rim sizing.
Keep records, have Tyre pressure around 36 to 38psi and check left front Tyre for edge “ feathering” wear.
Anecdotal evidence suggests wheel alignments initially might be out on delivery. Ask for a free wheel alig at pre delivery and ask for printed before and after sheet of settings. MB have been experimenting with settings, we have seen default settings change 3 to 4 times in 2 years.
Good luck, you will love the car.
Thanks Teckno
Can't wait for the car worried about the tyres but the 250d car i drove on the test drive showed no signs of skipping and i put it into a couple of tight turns
Love the drive of the car that's why i orded one
I will take up the challenge of the tyre when it happens if at all, i might be lucky
Spoke to the dealer late last week the car is in the port now and i have to wait to clear customs and be delivered
Then wait for them to pre-deliver it
It is getting closer
I will take your advice and ask for a wheel alig see what they do
Thanks to every body on this post for the input
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