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Tyre Wear - observations

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Tyre wear: for those with rubber anxiety!!

GLC 250 Petrol. Tyres last 'rotated" front to back at 10,000Kms
Bridgestone Dueler H/P 255/45 R20 (as supplied on new vehicle delivered Feb '17)
           Distance   Outside    Midddle      Inside   Average
Left Front  18000      4.7         4.8          4.9       4.8
Right Front 18000      5.1         5.1          5.1       5.1
Left Rear   18000      4.5         4.8          4.7       4.7
Right Rear  18000      5.1         5.3          5.3       5.2
On these figures, the next tyre rotation needs to be X (cross-wise), front right to left Rear, Front left to Right Rear.
Expected tyre life 39K (Kilometers, not miles)

Interesting that the left side wear is a little higher. I blame the suburban round-a-bouts that now proliferate in the suburbs in Australia. High angle left, slow turns, usually off camber to throw more weight to the left side.

The next tyre rotation will be X-wise, front right to left rear and so [email protected],000 Kms

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