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Upgrade discs and pads

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Anyone upgraded the brake discs / pads on their GLC?
If so, was it worth it and what did they use?
My 2017 250d Sport needs new pads and discs on rear and was thinking of doing this
PD01KR1042 - EBC Brakes Pad and Disc Kit, EBC Brakes
Any thoughts?
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My wife’s car is in need of similar replacement 2016 with 37k miles.
What’s the cost of these replacements?
Local MB garage quoted me £400 for new rear discs and pads after 31,000 miles!
Ordinary pads are quite cheap about £40 for the set and new discs are about £120. You might get away with just putting new pads in as some others have done but be careful!
My rear pads and discs needed replacing at only 22K miles, I've never had a car where the rear brakes needed replacing before the front ones. Bill was a bit over £400.
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