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Urban Edition Parking Sensors

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Hi All,

Can anyone confirm the parking assistance included on the Urban Edition? I read before we bought ours that it had front & rear sensors, but ours appears to just have a rear parking camera. Thanks for any help:)
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Yep just rear view camera .I have the same model just shout if you need anymore help
Fab; thanks for the confirmation. Don’t know about you, but I am really pleased with the car overall.
Car is awesome mate best looking model in my eyes and I got at a bargain price of just over as chips for a brand new merc
Think we hit a sweet spot in terms of the pricing 🙂
If you require front and rear sensors if you look around you can get them retro fitted for about £600 and that's the ones that look the same as the genuine ones with the lights on the dash and rear roof linning
That’s really useful to know; thanks. Not a huge issue with the camera, but does seem a slightly odd decision not to include them.
Does the Urban have electrically controlled mirrors? I know that they are not heated or folding. Not been able to see a model in the flesh and the specs I've seen online are silent on this point.
Yes - both are electrically adjustable.
Thanks yhy!
It also doesn’t have a DAB Radio....

Crazy cost cutting
Another cost cutting aspect it would seem......from the brochure re the Urban (and the rest of the range) : "Interior Lighting package – lighting of footwells, door handle recesses, as well as rear reading lamps (LED) and courtesy lights in all doors, illuminated vanity mirrors". Couldn't see any specific mention of the downward facing door lights.

The front lights are there but in the rear there only seems to be identical lens covers - no actual lights. Anyone know if the wiring does exist somewhere in the door?

Came across the issue when trying to fit MB logo lights in place of the standard ones.

Great car though.
All manufacturers produce edition style models and it is up to the buyer to check what is on them, they miss out items to sell them cheaper, has been going on for many years.

Glad your wife is enjoying her GLC Jim.
I appreciate the cost-cutting rationale behind these kind of editions but this one actually made me laugh Phil. The light cover is still there so you make an assumption that there is a light - the front ones *are* still included and it was an easy swap with them. The cost of two lights and replacement covers from China was a total of $7.80 delivered. They look identical to the MB product. Need to post a photo of the car - looks really nice in the fancy wheels! :)
Agree Jim, seems no logic but that's how businesses work.

Look forward to seeing the wheels and glad they survived the long trek.
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