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USB Flashdrive .wav files

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I just traded my 2016 GLC for a 2018 GLC. Both have Burmester upgrade.

I used 256GB flasdrives in my 2016, and the 2018 can still play these files with a large drive like this.

However, the 2018 does not remember where it left off after the car is turned off, but the 2016 did remember unless it was a really long time, like a week.

I had 4 levels of folders: Music > Letter (e.g., B) > Artist (e.g., Beatles) > Album (e.g., Rubber Soul).

After the fourth level were the actual tracks.


Also, does anyone know how to get the album art for .wav files? Even Alfa could do this.


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Update: If I hit Pause on one of the Media drives before I turn the car off it seems to hold the place. Not ideal, and not acceptable even for a car half this price. I suspect / hope it's a simple software issue.
My Sept 2017 works ok, have you asked the dealer? That's what they're there for, time some of then earned their corn.:wink2:
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