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Hi all

I've put a refundable deposit down on a used GLC and am travelling down to the dealership on Tuesday morning to check out the car. The dealership is about 80 miles from my home

It's a Nov 2015 GLC 220d AMG premium Plus with running boards. Warranty runs until Nov 2018. 8000 miles on the clock. Formerly a demonstrator car. £36,000 inc alloy, paint & tyre insurance.

I'm keen to have a definitive GLC 'what to look out for' checklist in my hand as I walk round (and drive) the car. I have generic used car checklists already.

Having read the wise words on the forum I see there are some regular faults...

-- tyre crabbing
-- brakes screeching when reversing
-- juddering when pulling away
-- condensation within headlamps
— Noisy wiper blades

And I should be checking for stuff like Bluetooth connectivity working, lights etc. I think most of this should be on the multi point check the dealer performs though. I'm attaching what they sent me today

Can anyone highlight anything else I should be looking for? Appreciate the guiding hand!



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