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Very minimal juddering on any slow turn - not sure if it's clonking/crabbing!!

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Hi all,

Since I bought my car (GLC 300d, 2020) a few months ago, I notice very minimal juddering feeling on steering wheels on any slow turn. It doesn't fell typical crabbing/clunking to me.

Car runs Pirelli Scorpion Verde 20/255/45 101W, and has 17K miles.

I had a couple of previous cars with large wheel diameter, low profile run flat tyres and I know how the typical crabbing/clunking feels. However, in my GLC the juddering happens as soon as I turn the wheel (ie not only on full or near lock), there is no noticeable wheels/tyres friction noise outside the car and no excessive/uneven wearing on the outside of the tyre. I'm aware after 2018 GLC was fitted with upgraded steering knuckle. The juddering is very minimal can be missed by people not aware of it (well my wife says she doesn't feel anything wrong with steering wheel).

My question is:

1) Could the issue be something to deal with gear or suspension? NB: when put gear in N while turning, I can still feel the juddering.

2) Any advice or experience before taking the car to the dealership to chek (just to be prepared when they either say there is nothing in it or TADTS).

Appreciate all your views and experience.

Thank you

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Wife's 2019 GLC 220. Had been assured at time of purchase (new) that the steering knuckle issue had been addressed on the production line. Latest service (17K miles) threw up that the steering knuckles needed replacing (my wife had noted some noise). Very disappointed that this has arisen. Knuckles now replaced under warranty but only after last minute authorisation by Mercedes. Believe dealer was tardy in seeking this and caused extended stay in the garage for the car as a consequence. Poor communication/service and reflective of clear decline in these areas over the past few years. BTW after 5 x E Class I now have a new F-Type. You will be pleased to hear that Jaguar service/quality is no better and probably worse. Beautiful car though.....
Good to know there is still some wives who can pick issues in cars.
Pleased to hear MB replaced the Knuckles under Warranty 👍

The message to anyone suspecting their GLC is suffering from the Crabbing Fault is,

Talk to your Dealer
if the Dealer doesn’t act positively and constructively - Call MB UK and COMPLAIN
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The new knuckles were supposed to have been fitted on the production line from Sept 18, was the car built before this date?
The new knuckles were supposed to have been fitted on the production line from Sept 18, was the car built before this date?
I don't have the exact date of manufacture but was led to believe it was after Sept 18. it was registered in June 2019. VIN decoders I've tried so far have not allowed me to establish the date of manufacture.
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