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Hi All, my first post. I live in SE Asia and bought my GLC250 in Feb 2018. At the time I asked about that little 'Speaking Man' button on the steering wheel, and the sales guy simply said 'voice control doesn't work on this model'.
Things can be like that over here sometimes - live with it, or leave it.
So we went ahead and got the car.
Now I look on Youtube and see loads of vids of same model/same year owners using their voice control system perfectly fine. OK, I thought, so there must have been a software upgrade or something - and with the 2019 model having all these features, maybe I can upgrade/retrofit.
So I brought it to the dealership - and they sent me to the Service Centre to 'investigate'.
First guy in the SC says 'I have to go check'. Returns 30 minutes later saying 'there's a fault with your voice control system, we need to fix it. It will take 3 days' (!).
I say OK, at least it is something that CAN be fixed. We can arrange to do it.
He goes off, then comes back 10 minutes later and says 'actually I was wrong. The voice control system in your car will never work - you don't have the right 'head unit', sorry, bye'. (!)

Does anyone out there have a 2018 GLC250?
Does voice control work for you?
Did it work from day 1 or did you need to upgrade something?

I have heard mutterings that this is not a 'hardware issue' at all, but some kind of local licensing issue from the Nav Software supplier, Garmin.
I'm sceptical.

Having driven the car for 2 years I must say I regret buying it now - and things like this just add to the feelings of disappointment in it.
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