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The GLC 350e 2019 PHEV is experiencing issues as described in another forum post: BUYER BEWARE! HV Battery Failure - Forums.

However, the dealer has suggested that the problem may be due to wear and tear of the 12V battery caused by my driving habits. This explanation doesn't seem to make sense to me, given the nature of the issue I am experiencing. So I would like to do more research myself.

To provide more detail, this is what I've learned about GLC 350e's battery components. Any suggestion where I should start with the dealer. Thank you!
  1. High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery: This is the main battery that powers the vehicle's electric drive system. It has a capacity of 8.7 kWh and enables the GLC 350e to drive for up to 10 miles on electric power alone before the gasoline engine kicks in. The HV battery is rechargeable via a power outlet or regenerative braking.
  2. 12V Battery: This is a standard lead-acid battery that powers the vehicle's starter motor and accessories. It is used to start the gasoline engine and provide power to the vehicle's electrical systems when the HV battery is not in use or needs to be charged.
  3. Auxiliary Battery: This is a small 12V lithium-ion battery that powers the vehicle's stop-start system, which automatically turns off the engine when the vehicle is idling and restarts it when the driver presses the accelerator pedal. The auxiliary battery is rechargeable via regenerative braking.
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